Should the case occur, that there is a problem with your robot, we can repair it.

As we are authorised dealer for the brands we offer, the repair will be performed in our service workshop with appropriate original spare parts.

The repair time obviously depends on effort and required spare parts, but in average it takes approx. 1 week (without transport time).

Robomow Service Videos

RS Series

RS Cover replacement:

RS Wire signal readout:

RS Mainboard replacement:

RS Front Wheel replacement:

RS Drive Wheel and Motor replacement:

RK Series

RK Mow Motor Replacement:

RK Blades Replacement:

RK Battery Replacement:

RK Drive Wheel Replacement:

RK Base Station Contacts Replacement:

RK Blade Disk Replacement:

RK User Guides Übersicht alle Sprachen:

RC Series

setting time and weekday:

wire signal readout: